Why Quebec?

Quebec is situated in eastern part of Canada with rich vegetation, geography, and climate. The Canadian province is also known for its advancements in information technology, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. Quebec is the only province in Canada with official language as French and the capital Quebec City is the seventh largest city in Canada with the population of 800,000. Quebec has one million freshwater lakes to satisfy the thirst of people and to enrich the vegetation. The province has many cultures and it is proudly known as “Europe of North America”. Quebec is an industrialized province with wide opportunities of exporting goods such as air traffic equipment, air purifiers, software, toys and more.

Advantages of settling in Quebec

  • In Quebec, you can find affordable housing for rentals and it is cheaper in Canada. The average cost of houses in the Quebec City will be priced around 272,000 which is considerably lower than other regions. The rental cost is consistently lower in Vancouver and tornado.
  • Not only the housing but the education in Quebec is also affordable. Students under 20 will get funded education in French or English. Children will be appointed in French schools unless their parents or siblings educated in English school.
  • Every kid will get an opportunity to learn English as their second language in the elementary medium of education.
  • Quebec includes vibrant culture, traditions, and cuisine which cannot be explored in any other province. It attracted many people in Canada and other countries towards Quebec.
  • At present, Quebec permits around fifty thousand immigrants each year and the count may rise in the following days. As the province has the lowest birth rate, more immigrants are welcomed each year.
  • As per the regulations followed in Canadian-Quebec accord, the immigrants are selects within the borders.
  • Montreal and Quebec City are the major cities of Canada which are known for its cultural heritage, tourism, and employment.


Employment opportunities in Quebec

  • Quebec has very low rate of unemployment and it is surrounded by the industries of health care and science, information technology, manufacturing, marketing, and education.
  • As the Quebec is known for its vegetation, people can find employment in the field of agriculture.
  • Business enthusiastic can find a better opportunity in Canada and it is awarded as the best business starting country.
  • Quebec has above 19, 6000 of business sectors around the province and the blooming economy will offer exciting career opportunities for people.
  • The Quebec City is the seventh largest city in Canada and has above sixty-six thousand jobs are invited each year.
  • Immigrates can enjoy many services from the employment and can get benefited from the work environment.
  • Quebec offers exciting career opportunities to people and provides a safe place for living.
  • The beautiful province encourages people for employment and the city has many aging people, many immigrants can find the job in the province.
  • Quebec is not only known for its industrialization but also for its lowest crime rates in North America and it is a better place for growing children and exploring jobs.