Quebec Migration Point System & Basic Requirements

The selection process of Quebec is processed under the point system which is calculated by considering the various selection factors that determine the eligibility criteria for immigrating to Quebec. The selection grid factors called Grid Summary Of The Factors And Criteria Applicable To The Selection Of Skilled Workers provides the details of how the applicants are weighed by the immigration system to select the foreign national. In Quebec-Canada accord on immigration, Quebec follows the separate process to select the people who can adapt in Quebec. For Quebec immigration, the candidates are processed under a different system and provided with the Quebec selection certificate before the application is accepted by the citizenship and immigration system of Canada.

The selection factors followed in point grid

The selection factors determine the eligibility of the candidates based on their professional profile who possess the skills to adapt to the fast development of Quebec. Find whether you are eligible for the point system.

  • Schooling: From December 31, 2015, only the diplomas which are completed by the candidates before submitting the application are considered as the point for education level criteria. The area of training or education should be awarded within five years before applying for immigration or the candidate should have at least one year of experience relevant to the area of training. The qualification should be equivalent to Quebec diploma and must be recognized by the foreign national.
  • The work experience also plays a major role in the point system for Quebec immigration. The candidate can possess either full-time, part-time or internship as part of their training program or specialization relevant to their area of study within five years before processing the application.
  • The applicant should be above 17 years of age.
  • Candidates with English and French language skills are greatly considered for point calculation.
  • Stay and family relationship with a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Quebec.
  • Possessing an employment offer which meets the requirements of International Recruitment – Hiring A Permanent Foreign Worker.
  • Accompanying a Spouse or common-law spouse and characteristics of Spouse.
  • The count of children under 19 accompanied along with the candidate
  • The capacity of the candidate who can able to spend for their expense and needs of their family members for at least three months after their arrival in Quebec.

Categories of candidates eligible to apply for Quebec immigration

The Quebec follows four main categories to process the applicants for permanent immigration they are

  • Quebec skilled worker or professionals: The candidates are processed by a point system which calculates the eligibility criteria of the professional who can economically establish themselves in Quebec.
  • Business immigrants: The self-employed or investors who can contribute the society economical to grow the commercial standards of Quebec and support the development of the province.
  • Quebec Family class: Citizens of Canada or permanent residents settled in Quebec who can support their family members from foreign countries.
  • Quebec experience class: Foreign people who are graduated from Quebec with qualities to make the transition from temporary to permanent residence.
  • Other province and territories follow a different immigration process called province nominee program and to apply through the program, the candidates must be nominated by a Canadian province or territory.