Quebec Migration Assessment

Quebec immigration assessment varies as per the category of the applicant, for example, the skilled worker applicants are processed under four different criteria like federal skilled worker class, province skilled worker class, province nominee class, and Canada experience class. The skilled migrants are handled under the point system which offers a permanent residence to the applicants who can establish themselves in Canada. The employment offer from the Canadian employer is not required for the skilled worker immigration.

Business immigration

The business applicant includes investor class and the entrepreneur class. It is widely identified as the person with high personal net worth who can able to control the business and eligible to manage the employees for full-time in government or private departments. The business candidate can be a self-employed person involved in the artistic, cultural, athletic or farming life of Canada.

Family class sponsorship

The permanent residents of Canada who are above eighteen years of age capable to sponsor their family members or relatives including spouse, same-sex partners or common-law, dependent children outside of Canada interested in becoming a permanent resident in Canada.

Trade worker immigration

The applicants desired to become a part of trade job in Canada are processed by federal skills trade program which accept the applicants through federal skill trade program. It is processed in a quota based system which intakes three thousand applicants per year through sub-quotas with forty-three qualifications.


Canadian employers who are interested in hiring a foreign national to make them employ in Canada by obtaining the opinion of Canadian labour market from the human resource and skills development Canada. It is one of the important criteria of worker eligibility to apply for Canadian worker visa. People who have received the employment from the Canadian employer and required to get HRSDC approval should undergo the assessment process. People who have obtained the employment from the Canadian employer can able to relocate to Canada within a short span of time but in some cases, the temporary workers of Canada can get an opportunity to work for full-time employment.

Immigration assessment form categorized for the candidate eligibility

General Immigration or skilled worker immigration: The assessment form is for the skilled workers or professionals. It undergoes the programs like federal and Quebec skilled worker, federal self-employed, provincial nominee and Canadian express class.

Business immigration: The business immigration is for the candidates with the management experience, business owners or a person possessing high net worth. The business immigration is done through the process called federal and Quebec investor and entrepreneur program.

Family sponsorship: Family sponsorship for the spouse or common-law partner and dependent children. These applicants are processed by the federal family class for spouse/ common-law partner and dependent children.

Parental sponsorship: It is the sponsorship of parents or grandparents which are processed under federal family class for parents/ grandparents or super visa.