Quebec Migration- Appeals / Reviews

On evaluating the candidate application, the applicant may be accepted or refused by the immigration authorities.

On acceptance of application: If your application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email, copy of your accepted application, and an envelope with Quebec selection certificate which must send to the sponsored person.

Refusal: If your application is refused, you will receive a rejection letter specifying the reasons for your application refusal.

Reasons for candidate rejection

The reasons for refusing the candidate profile is given below.

  • Social support: If you receive a social support and you are not obligating to the condition.
  • Criminality or sexual offense: If you commit the criminal or sexual offense against a person and if you feel guilty for the offense you attempted to the person who is one among your family member in Canada or abroad or an assault or menace to commit such a crime.
  • If the sponsored candidate receives the social support benefits and Ministry of Employment and Social Solidarity determine it and as per the rules the candidate profile is rejected by default Until or unless you provide the reasons for  reimbursed dues.
  • In past five years, if you refused to accept the judgments issued for your alimony obligations
  • If you are financially incapable or if your income is insufficient to undertake as per the financial requirements.
  • Other reasons maybe you are rejected or targeted by the refusal order by immigration and refugee protection act.
  • If the person accompanied with you does not belong to family class.
  • If you do not submit all the required documents or if you failed to produce the supported documents necessary to proceed your application, your application will be rejected.
  • The counsellor provides the explanation notice on the purpose of refusing your candidate profile if the required documents are missing from Quebec selection certificate application. The candidate will receive sixty days of time duration for furnishing the requested documents and if the candidate cannot produce the proof on the given timeframe, the application will be rejected without prior notification. And, the candidate can submit a request for the administration review.

How to appeal for the application refusal

If the application has been refused, you can appeal to the social affairs section of Administrative Tribunal of Quebec. Once you have received the refusal letter indicating the reasons for your application rejection, you will get ninety days duration to appeal to the tribunal concerning how to forward the appeal based on the reasons contained in the refusal letter.

On receiving the receipt of your application for appeal, the TAQ will decide the chances for whether you have the possibility to present your case and testimony in support of the application. After perceiving the arguments of both the parties, the TAQ will accept, overturn or change the decision provided by the department on examining your application.