Quebec Business Class Immigration Program

Immigration programs for business people
You are interested in coming to Québec to establish or acquire a business. You must check whether you are eligible for the Entrepreneur Program.


Business at Quebec:
To businesspeople eager to explore new horizons, Quebec offers a diversified, dynamic, modern and outward-looking economy, a highly skilled labour force, competitive operating costs and an advantageous corporate tax system.

  • A thriving economy
  • A number of good reasons for choosing Quebec for business
  • A socioeconomic profile of its regions


A vigorous and a thriving economy:

Quebec enjoys an excellent business climate and offers an attractive investment environment.


A pioneer in high technology

While natural resources were long the mainstay of Québec’s economy it has now fully embraced the era of the knowledge economy: telecommunications, multimedia and the life sciences.


Dawn of exports

Quebec has carved out an enviable position in the export market as well. In 2004 exports of goods and services accounted for 33.4% of Quebec’s GDP.


An undeniable entrepreneurial spirit

In Quebec, more than 98% of businesses are small and medium-sized (SMBs) and 76% of them have fewer than five employees. Nearly 15% of workers are self-employed.


A few key sectors in Quebec

  • Aerospace
  • Agri-food
  • Automotive and ground transportation equipment
  • Light metals
  • Microelectronics
  • Multimedia
  • Life sciences
  • Information technologies and software
  • Telecommunications


Many good reasons for choosing Quebec:

Extensive potential markets:

Quebec is an ideal location for companies seeking to conquer North American markets. Within a perimeter of 1,000 km, lies a market of more than 130million consumers awaits you. In addition, thanks to free trade agreements with the United States and Mexico, this market can potentially expand to more than 413 million.


Quality labour force:

Quebec’s large labour pool is distinctive for its training, availability, multilingualism and highly affordable remuneration scales.


Competitive operating costs:

Labour and electricity costs are particularly advantageous and so are those associated with the rental or construction of commercial space.


Efficient transportation network:

Quebec’s intermodal transportation system affords easy access to North American markets. Its international, regional and local airports, 70,000 km of highways, 6,600 km of railways, 10 ports and 40 maritime routes, and vast state-of- the-art telecommunications network all serve to facilitate trade with partners around the world.

Considerable venture capital:

For a number of years now, Québec has been the Canadian centre for venture capital.


Advantageous corporate tax system:

Quebec’s tax system is based on a tax rate on profits that is among the most advantageous in North America. This modest tax rate, combined with tax measures intended to support new businesses and investments, makes Québec’s system highly competitive.


Flexible administrative procedures:

Procedures for registering or incorporating a business in Québec are rapid, streamlined and inexpensive.

Registered company: approximately C$35
Corporation: approximately C$800


Business support programs:

Multi-support programs are available to meet the needs of Quebec small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs. Intended to encourage growth, they may be in the form of loan guarantees, repayable contributions, tax credits or subsidies

The program provides Technical support and guidance in developing business plans, site searches, prospecting and partnership.

Also this program provides Financial support for business start-ups and expansion, export, design, innovation, research and development.