15 Reasons Why You Should Consider Emigrating to Canada

  • 1. Canada is one of the leading G-7 Nations and the second largest country in the world with a population of approximately 30 million people. Canada ranks to be the one of the best and a highly developed country, with excellent working conditions, an outstanding education system, a very high standard of living and a health care system ranked one of the best in the world. The United Nations has ranked Canada the best place to live for five consecutive years. Their surveys are based on quality of life, educational opportunities, unemployment and crime rates, and life expectancy.
  • 2. It does not matter, where you come from, once you land as an immigrant you have all the rights of a Canadian citizen Who are protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If you wish to become a citizen of Canada you must fulfill the basic eligibility requirements. The eligibility to become a citizen of Canada is to live in Canada for minimum three years. As a Canadian citizen, if you have applied for a Canadian passport, you are eligible to vote.
  • 3. Canada has got a strong migration history that exists today as much as ever before. The Increased in migration process accounted for 1.2 million out of the 1.6 million increase in Canada population between 2001 and 2006 respectively. In every year an average rate of 200,000 of people migrate to Canada.
  • 4. Canada is referred as the “Land of Milk and Honey” is an immigrant friendly country. Comparing to many other nations, Canada’s immigration policies are transparent and easy to follow. It was the only place that continued to welcome immigrants even during the time of economic slowdown. The new liberal government has gone a step ahead, and announced that the Canadian’s immigration system will be made more flexible to welcome immigrants under the Skilled and Family Unification categories.
  • 5. Immigration has been a key factor in the growth of Canada economy over the Last decade.
  • 6. The quality of life In Canada is absolutely first-rate, and Canada is constantly receiving awards and accolades to affirm this. In 2005, Vancouver won the global
    award for overall quality of life, with Canada as a whole being ranked 11th out of 114, and Calgary was awarded world’s most environmentally friendly and cleanest city. More recently, the Heritage Foundation in conjunction with the Wall Street Journal ranked Canada 10th out of 161 in the 2007 Index of Economic Freedom, and the Economist named Canada as the World’s 8th most peaceful country since 2007.
  • 7. Canada is one of the World’s richest nations, boasting an impressively high income per capita of US$35,500. It is also a member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Group of Eight (G8).
  • 8. Anyone who enjoys the wide open spaces will love Canada, with its population density of 3.5 people per square kilometer at the lowest in the world.
  • 9. The opportunities for employment in Canada are plentiful, and potential migrants with a skilled trade behind them will find that their chances of successfully applying for migration to Canada are significantly increased. Opportunities are also rife for businessmen and investors whose work will help to increase Canada already flourishing economy.
  • 10. Migration has been a key factor in the evolution of Canada’s culture, and as a result, multiculturalism is embraced throughout the country. People from various countries throughout the world are therefore welcome in Canada, and migrants can be sure that they will feel accepted whatever part of the country they chose to settle in.
  • 11. The price of housing in Canada is significantly cheaper than other western countries such as the UK, and migrants are always pleasantly surprised to discover that for a fraction of the price they sold their house for in the UK, they were able to buy the house of their dreams.
  • 12. As a Country that boasts breath-taking scenery as well as first-rate urban life, Canada is one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations. Owing to its size, many Canadians choose to holiday within the country, and with eye-opening cities such as Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, as well as the stunning scenery of Niagara falls and Gatineau National Park, this is hardly surprising.13. Sports and outdoor life are very popular in Canada. The national winter sport of ice hockey is a national pastime and by far the country’s most popular spectator sport. Lacrosse, curling, Canadian football, golf, baseball, skiing, snowboarding, soccer, basketball and volleyball are also widely played and supported.
  • 14. Canada is a country composed of immigrants from practically every country in the world. Canada’s success is largely due to the contributions made by these immigrants. Each year, Canada welcomes more than 200,000 new immigrants. The diversified backgrounds and cultures are what make Canada unique. Multiculturalism is promoted to help maintain this unique “melting pot”.
  • 15. The government of Canada has been raising the immigration target almost every year. The total immigration target has been raised to 305,000 with the family immigration target rising to 80,000 this year as compared to 68,000 in 2015. Apart from this, the number of applications to be accepted in family programs has also been increased, i.e. PGP (Parent and Grandparent) program applications intake is doubled, i.e. from 5,000 applications per year to 10,000 applications.