Business and Investors Visa

The Maple leaf country has been regarded as an ultimate destination for migration aspirants from all walks of life. The Government of Canada and various territories in Canada look favourably towards business people and immigrant investors who show interest in helping the country by encouraging the country’s and the province’s economy.

Canada as a Business and Investors haven has many advantages if you are seeking an opportunity to enter Canada or the province of Quebec as a business expert or an investment ready investor you would never fall short of chances available to you here. CanApprove offers a complete business support package that would assist you start a business in Canada. Foreign enterprises can get access to a wide range of services. Allowing them to get general information about starting and doing business in Canada, getting complete accompaniment and support in the process of establishing business or a branch in Canada. Once the foreign branch or business is set on Canadian soil, foreign investors get referrals from CanApprove Pvt LTD to invest in the enterprises on Canadian soil.

On a federal level, most of the former schemes facilitating Business And Investors have been either suspended or discontinued in order to make way for the newer provisions and programs. With a largely revised provision, various PNPs are still continuing with the same format and have been inviting interested people with entrepreneurial skills and investment ready funds willing to move into the country.

The all new Canada Business migration initiative i.e. business start-up visa for business owners has been established to attract promising young business owners. These people have been extended the facility of startup finance which is provided by the private sector capital venture institutions.

The following services are provided by CanApprove to aid you facilitate you start and grow your business in Canada

  • Investors Visa
  • Entrepreneurs Class
  • Business Class
  • Start Up Visa Program
  • Self Employed Person Program