Employment Prospects in USA

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) “At the start of 2015, the US job market achieved the highest quarterly job growth in 17 years”.

In 2014, Bloomberg mentioned in their article that wages and salaries are also highest point since 2008. In fact, major news outlets in the UK and USA are reporting signs of improvement. So, most of the resources are mentioned that USA had numerous job opportunities. Every international student wants to graduate in USA colleges to secure best job.

Times Higher Education (THE), a U.K.-based publication that ranks learning institutions, recently released its sixth annual list of schools that produce graduates most sought-after by employers. In forming its rankings, THE used results from an online survey of 2,500 recruitment managers in 20 countries and a second panel of 3,500 international managers around the world (this article is published on November 16, 2016 in Forbes magazine for the title “The World’s Best Universities for Employment in 2016”). In this ranking list most of the universities are located in USA. Every year Times Higher Education (THE), a magazine that ranks learning institution in international level.

Most of the international students will search and find jobs independently or through campus interviews which is conducted by the universities. Qualifications and steps to grab the best job as follows,

  • English Proficiency: English proficiency skill is must for successful job placement in the top industries of USA and students must have good score in IELTS / TOEFLS / GRE / SAT for the successful graduation and the job placement.
  • Visa Process: Based on the need of the students the visa processing will happen. It is categorized into two types – Immigrant and Nonimmigrant visa.
    • Nonimmigrant visa is for temporary stay in USA for students those who like to stay for educational purpose and after successful graduation they return to their native country.
    • Immigrant visa is for permanent stay, if students wish to live in US permanently they have to obtain a Green Card (permanent resident status) but the students have to live in USA at least for five years to get the green card.
  • Job Opportunities: International students have options to work in part time from their first year that helps in their future career.
  • Extra-curricular Activities: Apart from studies, students are allowed to participate in other activities related to career which helps in analyzing and taking valuable decision in any critical situation in job.
  • Personality Development Classes: Classes for personality development are organized by the universities to improve the personality, attitude, communication, decision making skill, creativities and other job activities of the international students.


Resources for Job Search:

World famous industries like Apple, Google, Pfizer, Microsoft, IBM, Ford, General Electric and many other international organizations are headquartered in USA. International students have multiple resources to search and find a job.

  • Campus Interviews – Most of the international students will get placed in campus interviews which are organized by the institutions.
  • Job Portal – All over the world we can search jobs through job websites like Monster, Naukri and so on, especially in USA there are numerous websites are available which makes job search process easier for fresher.
  • Job Consultancies – Branded and trusted consultancies helps students to find jobs in a commission basis, and they had tie up with top industries. Consultancies evaluate student’s skills and qualification based on the industry expectation they shortlist the students and finally send them to direct interview with industries.

All universities in USA have career services department with experienced human resource executives to navigate the international students to enrich career skills and for successful job placement.