Why Study in Germany?

Germany is the third most popular destination for the students around the world comes in for their studies. More 12% of students in Germany are international students. Germany makes all necessary efforts for the students who come all around the world to their country to study and provides them with different varieties of education through their universities. The universities around Germany offer around 17.5k degree programs nearly in all the disciplines. The universities give a lot more opportunities in scientific and technical studies from bachelor’s degrees to doctoral degrees.

The Education in Germany is considered best among the world. The students studied in Germany are highly appreciated and employed all around the world. Moreover, there are numerous universities offers their courses and programs in English. The students who are not good in Germany cannot be suffered in any way because of the language. But the students should learn some German language before entering the country. This will make the students adopt easily and blend into the German society.

Usually, there is no tuition fee in the universities of Germany and some private universities have very low tuition fees. The country offers nearly free education for all with utmost quality. All the universities are government funded or running by the government of Germany. This aspect attracts the students all over the world to come to Germany for their studies. Many scholarships are offered to the students by the government and universities for their living and study expenses. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is one of the largest scholarship organizations in the world and offers countless scholarship programs. All the eligible students from any part of the world will be given scholarships to finance their studies in Germany. The students who studied in German universities are placed and employed in all the concerns and industries across the country at once they are graduated. The concerns and industries offer tons of internships and part-time jobs for the students who are studying or yet to complete their education in any of the German universities.

Germany provides a high quality of life for their international students. The cost of living in Germany is highly reasonable. There are a lot of concessions are given to the students in various places like malls, theaters, theme parks, restaurants, concerts in all other places around Germany. It is considered as one of the safest countries in the world to live, thanks to its enriched environment which makes the students used to living in a higher standard and in a rigid society which abides the law. Police in Germany are strict and friendly who offers rigid security services for all the people equally. Since many students are international, it is very easy for the students to adapt and expand their horizons in Germany. There are many exciting things are for the international students to seek and experience inside Germany.

The country also has an excellent infrastructure at the center of Europe as well as numerous opportunities for recreational activities. There are lots of small, large, medieval and metropolitan cities are there in Germany. It is a most historical and culturally richer country in Europe. There are wide ranges of destinations for the students to visit when they are studying in Germany. Places like Paris, Prague, Rome, Copenhagen etc., are not very far from Germany. Students can take either a plane or train to visit these place and the expenses are very low for traveling in and out of Germany.