Study German Language in Germany

The German Language is among the widely spoken languages in the world. Germany holds an important position in the world’s trade and economy. Knowing the German language is a much important advantage in the German Job Market. All the German companies in Germany and around the world use the German language as their official language. Learning the German language will likely to get you into the German companies in Germany, the outlets or branches of The German companies in other countries and the companies working with the German companies. If you did not have the opportunity to learn German at your school or at your home university, you can apply for language courses in Germany. The German language courses not only give a broad knowledge but also impart scientific and economic vocabulary. Germany highly values its tradition and culture. For both national and international students, the universities in Germany provide an excellent curriculum to master this beautiful and rich language. The top universities in Germany which offer fabulous facilities and courses in the German language are as follows,


Augsburg University

The Augsburg University campus is one of the finest places to study the German language in Germany. It is one of the modern universities in Bavaria with approximately 15,000 students. Most of the courses in Augsburg University are taught in the German language. It offers both bachelor’s and master’s degree program in German Language and Literature.


Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University is the oldest university in Germany. It consists of undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels in some 100 disciplines. The University Library is the main library of the university and constitutes together with the decentralized libraries of the faculties and institutes, the integral university library system comprising approximately 6.7 million printed books. It has undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in German language and literature studies.


Mannheim University

The University of Mannheim is mainly located in Mannheim Palace, the largest baroque palace in Germany. The University of Mannheim and the University of Waterloo, Canada jointly offer the consecutive M.A. ‘Intercultural German Studies’. The students will study one year in Germany and one year in Canada and earn a joint degree from both universities. The program offers a broad interdisciplinary framework for German language and literature studies.


LMU Munich

The Faculty of Languages and Literatures is the largest faculty at LMU Munich. There are three departments and a number of interdisciplinary working groups offer a range of languages, literature in LMU. Many international level researches are going on in language and literature-oriented studies.


Osnabruck University

The School of Language and Literary Studies in Osnabruck University is shaped by the combination of comprehensive Language and Literary studies with classical Latin philology and by the modern languages of English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. This university offers teacher training along with its language, scientific disciplines, and didactics.


Kiel University

The curriculum includes language and culture courses from beginning to advanced levels at the Kiel University. The faculty in this university consists of experienced German language teachers and native speakers from the Kiel area. The Intensive German Language program will run in a combination with the International Studies Kiel program. Interested students will have the option to take courses from both programs.